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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support the next generation of young innovators affecting social change in South Africa.

Our Story 

Innovate South Africa seeks to foster a generation of young innovators and leaders who tackle challenges affecting their communities through critical thinking and hands- on learning. Our programs include: 

  • Education & Innovation: ISA runs an innovation competition for high school students across South Africa and a holiday program introducing grade ten girls to the exciting world of web development for social impact.
  • Youth Empowerment: ISA is addressing the need for bright youth in South Africa to be inspired to become change makers in their communities and to be equipped with the resources necessary to implement their innovative solutions to local problems.
  • Community Development: The projects of ISA’s students have addressed problems that are important to them and the community. These include projects in areas of waste control, sanitation, fire prevention, education, the environmental and navigation in urban slums.

Our Leadership

Our Champion

Currently seeking a Champion for Innovate South Africa. Contact for more details.

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