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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support LGBT rights and education in Vietnam.

Our Story

One of Viet Pride’s strong focuses is the Viet Pride Scholarship (VPS) which was created in 2013 to empower disadvantaged LGBT youth through providing assistance for them to obtain vocational training or a college degree. By identifying and supporting young LGBT in need and with the potential to become change agents, VPS hopes that they will not only have better access to opportunities, give back to the community, but also carry on and multiply the inspiration for other LGBT individuals.

Every penny donated to us goes towards our scholars’ financial assistance. Besides our focus on education, Viet Pride supports LGBT rights in our community and in the workplace, starting with our first Pride Parade right in Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam, in 2012. We continue to engage many other government and business leaders across Vietnam to help make our community and workplace a more diverse and inclusive place.


Homosexuality remains taboo in Vietnam and this leads to prejudice, discrimination, shame, and invisibility on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. This situation causes fewer opportunities for LGBT youths and groups. Consequently, Viet Pride joins the global movement to end all sorts of prejudices while also provides opportunities to disadvantaged LGBT in Vietnam.

As a result, Viet Pride Scholarship is one main need and the scholarship program targets LGBT individuals with financial difficulties who want to pursue vocational training or Bachelor degree.

Additionally, the Viet Pride Scholarship seeks to partner with philanthropists, corporations, and foundations to supply financial support, but also professional guidance for scholarships applicants and recipients. Each scholarship, as of 2015, ranges from $800 to $1,000. Donation can be full or partial of one scholarship, and there is no minimum set.

Pride Ceremony

Viet Pride is the first public LGBT ceremony happened in Vietnam in 2012. Like Pride elsewhere in the world, Viet Pride advocates for an end to prejudice, discrimination, shame, and invisibility faced by LGBTQ people. Since 2012, Viet Pride has started and developed to become a movement with the participation and empowerment of a variety of actors, from informal LGBT collectives, online and offline networks, to formal organizations and transnational, inter-governmental entities. As of 2014, Viet Pride celebrations have taken place in 17 cities and provinces across Vietnam, with the most prominent ones being in Hanoi and Saigon.

Bicycle Rally

Viet Pride parade takes the form of a bicycle rally. This is both innovative and also contextualized to the local socio-political condition. The rally is usually about 4 – 5 km long, starts at Giang Vo lake, and ends at a place in the center of Hanoi, followed by an After Rally party with free drinks and music. In 2012, the rally started with a group of about 160 people, increased to 300 in 2013 and over 600 in 2014.


Our Leadership

Tam Nguyen, Trang Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen


Our Champion

I have a passion for LGBT equality and education opportunity for young people. I believe youth is a powerful agent for social change, and education will empower them to do so. Being a One World Champion for Viet Pride allows me to continue providing the education opportunities to the underserved LGBT community."

Hieu Nguyen is a Regional Country Risk Officer at Wells Fargo, managing country risk in Asia region. Hieu currently co-manages Viet Pride Scholarship with a mission to empower disadvantaged LGBT youth by providing them with education, financial assistance, and mentorship. In 2009, Hieu co-founded Project Sugar to help sexually abused and HIV/AID kids in Vietnam.

He is also the Project Committee Chair for Global Shapers – San Francisco Hub, responsible for overseeing and supporting the Hub’s engagement in community projects. Supported by World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is an international network of young change-makers who are exceptional in their potential, their achievement, and their drive to make a contribution to their local communities.

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