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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support children, women, and families’ access to health care and realize their full potential in rural Uganda. 

Our Story 

To provide a comprehensive model of health care services, education and economic empowerment to help community members alleviate poverty and disease, obtain higher education, and create sustainable development.

Our Leadership 

Dr. Robert is a native of Nakaseke, Uganda. He received his doctoral degree in Uganda and completed a nephrology fellowship at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Robert lost his father to political violence when he was eight years old and dropped out of school. Fortunately, he was rescued by an organization that supported his education. He finished his first degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1999 and immediately went to his home district in Nakaseke to work as a junior doctor in the Nakaseke District Hospital. Following his dedicated service he was employed as the medical director of AFXB, an international organization working in over 5 districts in Uganda caring for over 900 vulnerable children and people with HIV-AIDS (PLWAs). He used the skills and knowledge acquired in this position to mobilize the members in his Nakaseke District to start a community based organization to support orphans and PLWAs. He founded ACCESS in 2002 (then known as the Nakaseke Community Development Initiative) in the Nakaseke District of Uganda.

Dr. Kalyesubula was awarded a scholarship to study Management of HIV-AIDS as a trainer of trainers offered by Mildmay International Study Center and Manchester University (UK). He subsequently studied for a master’s degree in internal medicine at Makerere University. He now serves as an honorary Lecturer at Makerere University School of Health Sciences and works extensively in the area of HIV-AIDS supporting curriculum development for the Infectious Disease Institute.

He has presented over 15 papers on both national and international forums urging his colleagues to embrace community based care as a means of bringing health care services nearer to the people. He is a board member to 4 national boards and 2 international boards working in medical education and HIV-AIDS. He has received several grants from, UPHOLD, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Action Medeor, Carpenters’ Union and Makerere University Yale University Collaboration as part of his effort to support ACCESS. Dr. Kalyesubula has recently been awarded the SAWA hero award by the Canadian based NGO forum in recognition of his outstanding work for the people of Nakaseke. ACCESS has also been voted the best performing CBO in Nakaseke two years in a row.

Our Champion 

Erin Shaw, Oregon, USA

“One World allows me to support ACCESS, a fantastic community-based organization that was founded by Ugandans in Uganda for Ugandans.  This model of fundraising allows local leaders to drive the change that they see for their own community.  Through One World, I am able to come alongside ACCESS to help them realize their vision.”

Our champion group- Partners for ACCESS consists of several dedicated Americans who have served alongside ACCESS since 2006. Each of us comes from a different background in healthcare with a shared belief in ACCESS mission to bring health and education to Nakaseke. Over the years, we have supported the challenges and celebrated the successes of ACCESS in growing to meet the needs of the community. Now more than ever we are dedicated to supporting ACCESS through securing resources, raising awareness, building partnerships and lending our hands to the work of ACCESS in the local community.

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