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Your gift will support the children of Bitone receive education, safe accommodation, and develop their talents in leadership and in the arts. 


Our Story

Bitone Center was founded with the mission to restore hope and empower disadvantaged Ugandan children and youth by providing them with education, vocational training, entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills, and artistic abilities in music and dance. Our current programs and projects include education, shelter, feeding, clothing, medical care, computer training, vocational skills (i.e. hairdressing, basic photography and video work), farming and gardening, sexual and reproductive education, leadership as well as creative art (music, dance, and poetry).

Many children have gone through Bitone Center's doors to benefit from the numerous services the center has to offer. The vision is ambitious but realistic. Through performances, these young people help in sensitizing communities on issues related to society values, children’s rights, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, leadership, as well as hygiene & sanitation. Bitone serves more children and provides many services, which is why establishing Bitone's sustainability is our main priority. We are seeking support to buy 5 acres of land on which to build a permanent Bitone home, Bitone School and the Bitone farming and garden projects. Bitone’s ultimate goal is to produce holistically empowered, educated, compassionate, innovative, self-confident, productive community-minded citizens capable of contributing towards peace and economic development both in Uganda and elsewhere in the world.

Our Leadership

Branco was born the seventh of nine children in the small village of Kagganda in Central Uganda. He grew up in a “typical” rural Ugandan family. Branco’s daily routine mainly consisted of fetching water, gathering wood for fire, and spending much of everyday digging and tilling the soil. Despite the accidental death of his father in 1993 and his family’s very limited resources, Branco describes his childhood and upbringing as “happy in many ways.” Growing up, Branco was surrounded by the love of his family, the support of his community, and the joys of music. Branco learn how to play instruments from her Catechist's mother's Church services and festivals. His passion for music has guided him ever since. He was granted a scholarship to continue his education into high school and then his excellence got him into the Makere University with a government scholarship to pursue a degree in music. He decided to use his talents and abilities to help the kids he knew were on the streets. “I got lucky… How can I best support those who aren’t so lucky?” With such a good heart for others Bitone Center was born and has since become a family structure for these young people where they get a chance to learn and play music as a form of therapy to help them express their emotions and positively deal with their past.


Our Champion 

Branco Sekalegga, Founder of Bitone, is currently pursuing his PHd in Music Education at Texas Tech University. 

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