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What Your Gift Will Do 

Your gift will support education for children living in rural communities in India.


Our Story 

Build a School in India is a project of Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan, which is expanding an elementary school building to allow additional grades to be taught. "Mata Balak" means "Mother and Child" and the organization aims for the empowerment of rural families and their overall development by providing them a common platform to come together and engage in efforts to improve issues in the local community.

Mata Balak was formed by the educated women of Sangola town led by the town's first female doctor, Dr. Sanjeevani Kelkar. Mata Balak employs a multi-pronged approach to address the problems faced by rural women. Since inception, it has worked in every possible area that could be used to reach and address the plight of these women.

The working areas of Mata Balak include education, health, financial independence, women's empowerment, child development, revival of traditional art, eradication of atrocities and injustice, and environmental awareness.


Our Leadership

We, the women of rural Maharashtra having sensitivity about rural women & their problems , financially independent & well placed in our own families with our children, came together and formed a group in the year 1978. We never knew about social services but were well versed with the mindset of rural women . We started working as friends to rural women & could raise a transformational movement for the rural society with a special focus on empowerment of rural women with inspiration, passion and determination.

In 1978 we started a platform for bringing rural women together named as “Mahila Sahavichar Kendra”- ‘’centre for thought sharing’’ to ignite self-confidence of rural women and to raise their social image.untiring efforts to eradicate injustice, abuse and exploitation through their own strength,for more than last 30 years.


Our Champion

Following his undergrad studies, Andrew Lederer joined the Peace Corps in a farm mechanization program in Maharashtra, India.  During his two-years’ living in India, he became very integrated with the people and culture.  India has remained a very significant part of his life.

Extensive international travel has been a constant part of Andrew’s non-work life – including travel to Burma in 1996 with Bob Cornwell.  In 2010 Andrew joined Bob to start Build a School in Burma, and in 2012 they expanded and launched Build a School in India.

BSB’s and BSI’s successes and support to-date are wonderfully and dramatically beyond what was originally anticipated.  There are now literally more than a thousand new “seats” for children that have access to quality education in Burma and India.  Because the schools are well-built and well run, the numbers of children positively impacted will grow and grow, as generations of students advance through the schools for decades to come.

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