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What Your Gift Will Do 

Your gift will support at-risk children living in the Kivu Region of Democratic Republic of Congo with leadership and entrepreneurial skill, education, and access to healthcare.


Our Story 

CAMME was founded in 2007 with the vision that in the midst of war and disaster, there can be hope.  When given the right tools, even in the most impossible circumstances, children can succeed.  Through our work, we provide this hope. CAMME's work is based on six pillars: Advocacy, Innovation, Education, Self-sufficiency, Protection, and Reintegration - All with a common goal to ensure children at CAMME achieve their true potential, educationally, professionally, and personally.

CAMME works with children living on the street, newly demobilized child soldiers, victims of sexual violence, orphans, and others. Many of these children have experienced unimaginable trauma in their lives.


Our Leadership

In 1998, living in the midst of a war, Christine Lunanga’s family experienced hunger and destitution for the first time; just as they were beginning to recover, Mt. Nyiragongo, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, erupted in 2002, obliterating the city of Goma.  The family fled to Rwanda as refugees, going without food or water, and sleeping in shelters made of nothing more than plastic sheets. Returning to Goma, they found that the volcano had destroyed their home, leaving nothing behind. Family photos, birth certificates, diplomas and so much more had been incinerated in an instant.

In the aftermath of the volcano, Christine’s mother lost her job as a nurse, and the family struggled to support seven children.  Not long after, a new conflict began, led by a rebel leader named Laurent Nkunda.

Struggling to get by, the family that had once been prosperous, experienced true hardship. Through the experience of sleeping outside, not having food to eat, and being unable to pay even basic school fees, at 19, Christine understood the reality confronting vulnerable children in North Kivu on a daily basis. As she and her family’s living situation slowly improved, in 2005, Christine tried to interest people in the idea of creating an organization to help vulnerable children. Christine’s own mother didn’t understand at first. Why, after all they experienced, would they focus on helping the vulnerable children of others, rather than themselves?

A few believed though, and with the support of her brother Stewart, and her uncle, Pascal, CAMME became a reality in 2007. Each of them were working, and provided a monthly contribution to help children and establish an organization to provide food and education for abandoned and vulnerable children


Our Champion

Pascal Bashombana was born in DRC South Kivu. After finishing primary school in Bukavu, Pascal pursued secondary university education in Goma, DRC, completing his studies with a degree in management.  

He grew up in an environment where children were sniffing glue, sleeping in the street, and depending on alcohol. Pascal's dream was to help the marginalized youth in his hometown. With CAMME, his dream became real. Before founding CAMME, Pascal trained street children in photography. 

Now living full-time in Ohio with his family, Pascal is the American face of CAMME. He speaks regularly throughout the country on the organization's work, and helps to expand its services to other children in need. He currently works independently as a wedding & portrait photographer and videographer.

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