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What Your Gift Will Do 

Your gift will support the pre-school education for children living in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. 


Our Story

Asociación Coordinadora Municipal del Proyecto de Ciudades Hermanas de Tipitapa (COMPALCIHT Association) promotes sustainable community development in urban and rural neighborhoods in Tipitapa, Nicaragua.

COMPALCIHT Association's programs revolve around Community Child Centers, which provide children with access to education and nutrition.  In all programs, COMPALCIHT Association encourages the active participation of parents and caregivers, educators, students, community members, civil society groups and municipal officials.

COMPALCIHT Association has been working with the population of Tipitapa for 25 years to address the critical need for nutrition, education and health services in some of Tipitapa's most impoverished urban and rural communities.

The Association works with children and their families in two poor neighborhoods of the city of Tipitapa and three rural communities in the town of San Benito, also belonging to the municipality of Tipitapa.

Families served by COMPALCIHT Association live on less than a dollar a day per person and struggle to provide their children with adequate nutrition. Significant numbers of children are malnourished and children typically reach primary school unable to read.


Our Leadership 

Eduardo Gamez


Our Champion 

Donna Katzin is Champion for COMPALCIHT, a grassroots organization mobilizing women in five low-income communities in Tipitapa, Nicaragua to feed and educate their children. She has been privileged to work with COMPALCIHT since 1987, when Manhattan residents sought a people-to-people relationship with a Nicaraguan community and formed 'Tipitapa Partners' to support COMPALCIHT.

Since they were “twinned” by the Nicaraguan government, they have been honored and inspired to work with this community-based organization that feeds and educates 250 impoverished children a day, through the organized efforts of their parents. This 25 year relationship has taught her the meaning of struggle, solidarity and partnership in the most profound human terms. Some of the children who first participated in the program are now attending university.

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