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Your gift will support leadership and entrepreneurial skills for children and youth in Tanzania. 


Our Story 

Foot 2 Afrika – Tanzania is a Tanzanian NGO that works hand-in-hand with other local organizations, communities and individuals for the benefit of vulnerable populations including street youth, orphans, students, women and rural communities. We support community-based projects that initiate positive changes that educate, motivate and inspire the youth and women of Africa.

The Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania offers few opportunities for permanent employment, and most residents depend on subsistence agriculture, transient jobs in the tourism industry, or self-employment. The quality of education is low, so most workers are unskilled, and pay and working conditions are poor. Most families cannot afford school fees for their children or basic medical care. These conditions are most harshly felt by the large number of orphans and runaway children.

Currently our major goal is to construct and operate the Moshi Youth Village, a center where we can consolidate our efforts to provide education in trades, arts, computers, self-reliance and other life skills to the children that we serve.


Our Leadership

Founder and Director, Sadock Johnson has been serving at-risk youth in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania since 2006. Sadock earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife science and conservation and is currently the President of the Tanzanian Safari Guide Association. Sadock Johnson is also the Founder of Safari Guide Experts, providing personalized, luxury safaris to tourists.  When tourists asked why the kids are so poor, Johnson had no answer.

He started thinking about why there is so much poverty and asked himself, “What can I do to help?”.

In 2006, with funds from his successful business, he founded Foot 2 Afrika.  A nonprofit organization that  provides care and intervention to local groups serving children and youth affected by poverty. Over the last 8 years, Johnson has built trust and respect amongst the community members of the local villages, through his work in ensuring children and youth have access to sports programs, education, food and clean water.  Foot2Afrika also supports women’s groups working towards self-sustainability through sewing programs and farming.

Through years of collaboration with Sadock Johnson and Foot2Afrika, community members have identified education and vocational training as the critical tools needed to solve the crisis they face.  In a demonstration of their faith in the vision of Moshi Youth Village, the village cooperative society, recently donated 10 acres of land for the creation of Moshi Youth Village. The Moshi Youth Village will break the mold of conventional education and provide free, targeted education designed to teach children and youth practical skills in photography, sewing, art, and agriculture that will help the young people of these communities break the chains of poverty.


Our Champion

John Magee, WA, USA

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