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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will provide access to education for children in Kenya.

Our Story

Kusoma - LMEF's mission is to empower impoverished and marginalized communities by enabling all children access to quality education, in order to develop their full capabilities and equip them well to fight poverty, ignorance and disease in their communities and the world. The goals of Kusoma - LMEF are: - To offer scholarships that would enable young boys and girls from poor families to acquire an education and by so doing, to uplift themselves as well as their families. - To complete construction of a library facility to provide reading programs and support student research. The library will include a community meeting room with Internet access. - To offer the youth in poor communities an opportunity to participate in community service through programs that touch on guidance, career, and health education in light of the HIV/AIDS prevalence in the region. - To ultimately build model schools that provide affordable and quality education.

Our Leadership

Kusoma International - Laurenti Mohochi Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to enable access to quality education for children of impoverished and marginalized communities (particularly in the Kuria District of Kenya). It was Laurenti Mohochi's dedication and tireless efforts to provide his children with an education that ultimately inspired his son, Sangai Mohochi, to found Kusoma - LMEF in his honor.

Dr. Sangai Mohochi

Our Champion

"I met Sangai while he was a Swahili professor at Stanford. We struck up a friendship and began to discuss ways in which we could support the students from his region of Kenya. In 2008, Kusoma - LMEF was founded with a group of Sangai's friends located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together we would go on to directly support marginalized and underfunded students in the Kuria District of Kenya." Adam Brosamer 

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