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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will provide a rich education for poort children in Pakistan.

Our Story

The mission of Mubarika Campus is to provide "rich education for poor children".  It works with children in rural Pakistan - especially girls - who would not otherwise have access to high-quality education.

Since being founded in 2005, Mubarika Campus has emphasized the importance of educating girls.  Initially, the school was co-educational until grade 5 and then only served girls after grade 5.  With additional funds, Mubarika Campus has now also established educational facilities for boys after grade 5.

Mubarika Campus is located in the small farming village of Wazirpur-Marrara, 10 km from Pakistan's border with India, in the Sialkot district of Punjab.  Most villagers are subsistence farmers or landless farm labor.

Currently, there is only one government-run school for girls in this large region and more than 90% of the female population is illiterate. 

Funds raised by the Champions support Mubarika Campus to:

  • Provide quality education to hundreds of girls and boys every year.
  • Invest in the school campuses to increase student capacity and improve student facilities.
  • Launch additional programs focussing on girls and on vocational training. 

Mubarika Campus has directly impacted the lives of over 1000 children in 13 villages in rural Pakistan.  Children's skills have improved and they have accessed educational opportunities that would not otherwise be available.  

As well as providing schooling to children, Mubarika Campus has raised awareness of the importance of quality education.  The second campus for boys was opened due to popular demand from parents for education.

The schools also provide local employment, especially to women who form the majority of staff members.  50 female teachers are trained twice a year with The Citizens' Foundation and are offered free transport to work to ensure a safe environment.

The school runs on 100% solar power from solar panels on the roofs.

Our Leadership

"I am passionate about my country, my children, my village and a project named Mubarika Campus started by my father to educate children in rural Pakistan. The real Champions are these children and their parents, I am just a voice for them. I love being part of One World and appreciate the relationship, the support and the guidance."  Nadir

Nadir Minhas is co-Founder of Mubarika Campus.  He has been on board since the inception of the school in 2006 when his family built the school. Nadir has an undergraduate degree in Finance, from San Jose State University and a Masters in Sustainable Energy from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. His initial schooling was completed in Pakistan. He’s lived and traveled to various countries across the world and has found one common element in them all: Humanity.  His greatest personal achievement has been the profound realization that there is no greater cause than serving humanity.

Currently, Nadir serves as the Chairman of Mubarika trust and works in collaboration with his father in Kingcrete Construction Company.  His vision and determination has changed the landscape of the school and today they have not one, but two campuses to accommodate 1500 poor children.

Our Champion

"I'm a Champion because I believe in making a difference for those who don't have a voice. My passion is humanity and helping break the poverty cycle. I am Gender Consultant at the World Bank and we make strides in helping raise the living standard for the poor people in Pakistan. Through my work I've learnt that the impact we need to make is by educating girls. I call it the girl effect and that is what I want to see at Mubarika and the 13 villages we support."

Huma serves as a Champion for Mubarika Campus, a school for underprivileged children in Sialkot District of Rural Punjab in Pakistan. She joined the cause in 2011 and has been active in maintaining donor relationships, fund raising activities and spreading awareness of the cause.

Huma holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Leadership from North Georgia College and State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. 

In the past she’s worked as a District Marketing Manager for ARAMARK and in her years with the company assumed various management roles. Her vision is to make small, positive changes in the lives of the poor, one at a time. Through her travels around the world, she’s learned that gender empowerment is necessary to end poverty. Currently she is working at The World Bank in Pakistan and has been involved primarily in Gender and  Education and most currently in the Country Partnership Strategy for World Bank Group.

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