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Your gift will support educational, art and ecological programs serving children from stigmatized communities.

Our Story

Nirvanavan Foundation is a grassroots organization working in the remote areas of Alwar district of Rajasthan on educational, ecological and social issues.

Nirvanavan Foundation believes quality education, safety and health is not a privilege of a chosen few but inherent rights of all children. Some of the students supported by the Foundation are from the Nat and Kanjar communities that were traditionally dancers and entertainers, who have rich histories of dance and folk songs. Kanjer children have often been excluded from mainstream education system due to the stigma attached to their communities.

The Foundation seeks to provide children with holistic education so that they are able to find alternative livelihood opportunities.

Funds channelled through One World Children's Fund support Nirvanavan Foundation to provide:

  • Fund 12 community-based schools that operate as Alternative Learning Centers for children from marginalized communities. These schools are known as Bodhivriksha (Tree of Knowledge) schools. They take a creative and holistic approach to education with artistic, cultural and environmental elements, along with academic instruction.

  • Art programs for healing trauma and fosterning peace and global understanding: The Foundation's art projects reach out to over 1,000 children to draw their expressions for world peace, rights of girls and environmental stewardship.

  • Environmental education programs: The Foundation engages the children and local communities to plant indigenous trees, build tradtiional water harvest structures and lead plastic collective drives. Earth Day and World Water Days are marked with community-based activites and art projects.

The Foundation also operates the Alwar Childline Project that is a tol- free helpline for children in distress.


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