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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will help prevent the abuse of children's rights in Bariloche, Argentina

Our Story

By working with children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, P.E.T.I.S.O.S. seeks to reclaim and restore their violated rights. P.E.T.I.S.O.S. uses a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon a diverse network of resources and support to achieve these goals. P.E.T.I.S.O.S. began its work in 2002 with the primary objective of preventing and eradicating child labor through a variety of direct interventions with child laborers, their families and the community. 

Working with a team of professional psychologists, P.E.T.I.S.O.S. uses a community-based approach to provide programs from their "Casa Abierta" ("Open House") headquarters. They also run campaigns about children's rights and the eradication of child labor.

Funds channeled through One World support P.E.T.I.S.O.S. to provide children with:

  • Training in academic and life skills.
  • Access to healthcare and professional psychological support.
  • Educational and free-time activities such as music, painting and games.
  • Daily food supplements and a place to be.

Our Leadership

Elena Miranda Duron

Our Champion

Luis Trabb Pardo and Sharmon Hilfiger 

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