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Your gift will support STEM scholarships for young women from Yanxing, China.

Our Story

The Qian Zheng [pronounced Chee-ann Jung] Memorial Scholarship aims to inspire and nurture future female Chinese leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) industries. We do so by supporting low-income female undergraduate students in STEM majors who exemplify Dr. Qian Zheng’s spirit of academic excellence, social responsibility and global thinking.

The Scholarship is run as a volunteer organization and 100% of all donations go towards the Scholars’ Financial Assistance.

Financial Assistance: The scholarship provides RMB 5000 (~USD 820) a year for the remainder of a Scholar’s undergraduate education. Our Scholars are daughters of farmers and migrant workers. Some also have siblings or parents with serious health problems or disabilities. This renders their university education a luxury good, with a high expected return on investment, but very high upfront costs. We take huge financial weights off the shoulders of our Scholars’ families, allowing our Scholars to concentrate on their studies. The scholarship money is usually spent on daily expenses, transportation, study material and fees to participate in science and robotics competitions.

Mentorship: Each scholar is matched with a mentor who is a professional in business, technology or science. Our Scholars have very few female role models and face overt and subtle gender bias in their STEM classes. Our Mentors (both male and female) give Scholars valuable career and life advice, as well as general encouragement. The Scholarship staff provides Mentorship Guides every few months on topics such as “Self-Introduction Elevator Pitch”, “How to Write a U.S.-style Resume”, “How to Network Effectively”, etc. so that Scholars receive practical career training to help them transition into the workforce.

Global Community: By interacting with our mentors who have international academic and professional backgrounds, our Scholars’ personal and professional development has been strongly enhanced by cross-cultural lessons. Whenever possible, our team members organize in-person events on the ground in China at our own cost. We also have a lively WeChat group, where mentors regularly share interesting articles pertaining to women in science as inspiration for the Scholars.

Financial Assistance: YANG Xilian, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aircraft Design and Engineering, Class of 2016: “How much can 5000 RMB help? So much! In 2014, I used part of the fund plus some of my personal saving to buy a smartphone, replacing my old 2G keyboard cell phone finally. I don’t have any game apps on my smartphone. My favorite apps are dictionary, open online courses, TED Talks, and ToWords. Also, I used 3200 RMB to cover living expenses for 4 months of a semester.”


Mentorship: ZENG Hongyu, Tsinghua University, Thermal Engineering & Economics dual-degree, Class of 2015: “As a female student pursuing a thermal engineering major, I am in an environment where male students dominate in numbers. No matter how much ambition I have in this major, I still feel inferior to my male counterparts from time to time. The Qian Zheng Memorial scholarship gives female students who study STEM majors a special recognition. It helps us maintain our belief that women can excel in STEM majors. It was because of such self-confidence that I have achieved excellent academic performance and have participated in the honors program for two years in a row.”


Global Community: SONG Wenhua, Renmin University, Physics, Class of 2016: “I always have a great time when we Qian Zheng Scholars and the sponsors gather for dinner. I like to listen to the sponsors share their life and career stories. Through them, I often see a different world that I don’t know.”

Our Leadership

"My biggest role model has always been my high-achieving, multi-talented mother who received her PhD in engineering while raising me. She lost her battle with cancer at the age of 43 and I could not think of a better way to honor her spirit than to empower other high-potential young females who are studying STEM majors. All of our Scholars come from low-income families -- we provide them with both financial assistance and mentorship so that they can become economic multipliers in their communities." Yin Yin, Founder


Yin is a Beijing-born, Germany-raised, US-educated Canadian. She founded theQian Zheng Memorial Scholarship in 2011 in memory of her mother after having been involved as a sponsor and mentor with Yanxing China, a non-profit based in Beijing that helps develop the organizational, leadership, teamwork and public speaking skills of its members. It is from this pool of ambitious but underprivileged undergraduate students that the Qian Zheng Memorial Scholarship selects its candidates. Yin values and lives by self-improvement, feminism, social impact and global thinking. These are the principles she hopes to nurture in the Qian Zheng Scholars who will be the next generation of female engineers, scientists, researchers and educators.

Yin is Managing Director of Silicon Valley-based COMPAS Advisory, which helps software start-ups build and execute their global expansion strategy. She has also held international leadership roles at various technology start-ups in the Bay Area and was a Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group in Berlin and Beijing. She holds an MBA and dual-bachelors in international studies and business from University of Pennsylvania and its Wharton School.

She spends her free time becoming fluent in Spanish, training towards her next black belt level in Taekwondo and volunteering as a Board member of the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters

Our Champion

Yin Yin, Founder QZ Memorial Scholarship Fund



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