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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support health and education for children and families in Tiruvannamalai, India.

Our Story

Regenboog India Foundation was founded to bring hope and happiness to needy people living in and around Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu by providing necessary services and opportunities in the areas of rural healthcare, child welfare, education, and environmental care.

Funds raised by the Champion support Regenboog India to provide programs serving children and families, including:

  • Education:  Arunachala Evening Schools provide after-school educational support to children living in poor areas in and around Tiruvannamalai. In addition, a Mobile Library with over 3,000 books in Tamil, Hindi, and English is driven round villages where children can check out a book of their choice.
  • Shelter:  Saraswasthi Children’s Village provides a loving, happy home to girls who are orphaned, semi-orphaned, or abandoned. The girls have access to education, healthcare, good nutrition, clean water, and extracurricular activities such as music and dance.
  • Healthcare:  Regenboog’s Mobile Medical Clinic is a modern, well-equipped medical van with a doctor, two nurses, a pharmacist and volunteers that drives to remote rural villages five days a week.

Regenboog India’s programs have had a far reaching impact on the poor living in and around Tiruvanamalai.  Beyond the immediate access to high-quality education, shelter and healthcare that so many receive, Regenboog India brings hope and a belief in a more positive future to countless children and families.

The Evening Schools provide educational support to over 450 children annually and have become a safe haven for many of these children for completing their homework and preparing for exams.  The Evening Schools and the Mobile Library are met with great enthusiasm by villagers and have changed the culture of the neighborhoods where they are located.

The Saraswasthi Children’s Village provides a secure and happy environment to 37 orphaned and abandoned girls, who are all thriving with the loving support of staff and each other. The girls’ lives are full of opportunities to learn dance and musical instruments, athletics, organic gardening, and academic lessons outside of school. Any girl wishing to continue education after high school is fully supported and many of the girls want to attend higher education so that they can join the Regenboog team as doctors, nurses, teachers, and social workers and help others as they have been helped.

The Mobile Medical Clinic supports over 3,000 people every month to live healthier lives and receive medical treatment that they would otherwise struggle to access in remote rural areas. The clinic van also has a large TV screen on the outside which shows educational videos about hygiene and how to prevent common diseases.

Our Leadership

The Regenboog India Foundation is the dream of Madhan Mohan, a native of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu India. As a child Madhan was keenly aware of the disparities between the rich and the poor and was greatly influenced by his parents who gave selflessly to those in need. After excelling in college, Madhan worked successfully in a local charity and corporate world when an event occurred that would change his life and lead to the development of Regenboog.

When Madhan was 24, his father became seriously ill. As the illness progressed, he was taken to a public hospital where, despite desperate pleas for help from Madhan and other family members, he died from the absence of medical attention. The injustice of the disparity of services for the rich and poor was forever seared into Madhan’s heart. Later he quit his job in the corporate world and began to have discussions with his friends about developing an organization that would provide services to the poor driven by the principles of respect and love for all who were served. In December 2006 Madhan along with a few friends started Regenboog India.

Our Champion

"I am a One World Champion because I am able to raise funds for my partner, Regenboog India, in a supportive community of like-minded people who care, like I do, about the welfare of all children."

Patricia recently retired from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University and is now a professor emeritus.  She lives near Mt Shasta in northern California where she enjoys the many outdoor activities available in the area.  In her career she combined a law degree and a Ph.D. in Human Development to specialize in policies related to children and families.  She has long advocated for the basic needs of all children to be met and deeply appreciates that One World Children's Fund is an ideal avenue for her to continue this passionate interest.

In the last few years of her career Patricia traveled frequently to India where she volunteered for Regenboog India.  She is delighted to turn her attention and energy now to raising funds for this organization that serves so many in need.  Over the years she has come to have great love and respect for everyone involved with Regenboog India.

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