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Your gift will support families in rural communities access vital healthcare and education. 

Our Story

Rescue Me Foundation International is a nonprofit organization founded in Ghana in 2011.The foundation’s main vision is to help promote healthy living awareness, improve access to health care and reduce illiteracy among children and other underserved populations in Ghana, especially those who live in urban slums and rural areas. The two main focus areas of the foundation are in healthcare and education that are achieved through the following objectives;

  1. Structured annual Health events, which screens for health status, which is followed by Medical counseling as needed and provision of the Ghana National Health Issuance scheme card that provides access to Public Hospitals in Ghana.
  2. Create healthy living awareness among adult populations in Ghana through health outreaches and talks in partnership with the media to reach the intended communities. We also partner with local orphanages to promote an environment to help mentor students in various programs through sports.
  3. Conducting Research on who is most at risk for disease and why in order to inform better prevention strategies.


Between the periods of 2011-2014, Over 1000 children under 12 years benefited from our free health screening on malaria and other health related issues. Over 900 youth between 12-25 years benefited from our free health screening on Malaria and diabetes.  Over 800 caregivers benefited from free health screening on malaria, Diabetes and Hypertension and Over 700 community members also benefited from free health screening on malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension, and counseling.


Over 800 children in some selected communities have benefited from our free books and pencil and also motivate and encourage them on education. We also provided Health education to parents to reduce child malnutrition and general healthy hygiene to preventive common outbreaks that affect the communities.

Our Leadership

In a small remote farming village located in Eastern Ghana, 13 year old Gabriel woke up to find his little sister in a “moody” state. By the afternoon, his sister’s condition quickly went from merely “moody” to gravely ill: “I saw her eyes start turning - she started at the mouth.”  His family rushed her to his uncle’s so that they could borrow a bicycle - the fastest available means of transportation.  Gabriel watched his mother bundle up his little sister and begin on her one hour forty five minute bicycle ride over dirt road to the closest health center in the District capital Donkorkrom.  At some point during that long journey, Gabriel’s sister died. His family buried her that same evening.  

The pain and frustration Gabriel and his family felt that day are feelings shared by many Ghanaians in underserved rural communities. Despite an emerging national economy, people die every day from what should be preventable and treatable afflictions.  These unnecessary deaths are due in large part to poor infrastructure, inaccessible health centers and extreme poverty.

Lack of information is another contributor to the problem. Many remain uninformed about the nature of disease and healthcare, (because of some traditional beliefs) to the extent that some think of health challenges as the causes of witchcraft and turn to witch doctors for solution. However, even when some progress has been made in the areas of accessibility and information, a large deficiency in health data hinders effective disbursement and usage of resources and treatments. Despite the monumental challenges facing them.

Gabriel and his colleagues became determined to solve the problems and enact solutions. Motivated by this desire to improve the lives of all Ghanaians, they created Rescue Me Foundation International. Gabriel’s first-hand experience of these systemic problems drives his work with these marginalized communities: “I have a connection with the less privileged communities. When I am with them, I can see them benefitting.  I can feel it, because I have been there before.”

Our Champion

"I am One World co-champion with the primary aim of helping underprivileged people specially children in urban slums and rural communities in my native country Ghana."

Charles Gyapong is the president of Rescue Me Foundation international. He is very passionate about life and therefore call it a mission helping those who live in underprivileged areas. Charles has counseled and housed dozens of children and young adults from unstable homes in his home for many years.

He is married and blessed with four beautiful girls. Charles is a pastor at Action Chapel Pennsylvania. He is humbled, honored and very excited to be a champion representing Rescue Me Foundation International and sees One World Children’s Fund as a great charity organization that promotes better life for needy Children across the globe. His dream is to have a mobile clinic for Rescue Me Foundation International.


Scholastica is a co-champion for Rescue Me foundation International. She is currently working for a Public Health Organization in Oakland CA. Scholastica has also worked for Domestic and International NGOs in Education, Public Health, and community development.

From 2012 thru 2014, Scholastica lived in Accra Ghana as a “Trailing Spouse”; a period during which she volunteered with Rescue Me Foundation internationaland the North American women Association Accra Chapter (NAWA). These two organizations were a great way to interact with local NGOS that served the urban poor, the rural areas and the street children.

Scholastica's strong interest in Child development and public Health issues, particularly for areas affected by health disparities and Poverty, led her to become a co-champion for Rescue Me Foundation.


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