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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support education for children in Negril, Jamaica

Our Story

The mission of the Rotary Club of Negril is to provide service in the community with emphasis on education, literacy and the youth. Children in Negril are denied access to education if their families are unable to meet school expenses.  Many of those who are in school are falling behind the national literacy standards as teachers are hampered by the high pupil-teacher ratio and a lack of facilities and equipment.

Recognizing these issues in the local community, the Rotary Club of Negril runs programs that increase access to education, improve the quality of education, and give a second chance to youth denied an education. Funds raised by the Champion support the Rotary Club of Negril to provide programs serving children and families in Negril, including:

  • Scholarships to give children access to education

  • Tutoring of children for their Grade 4 national literacy test by local Rotary volunteers

  • Literacy and leadership summer camp

  • School infrastructure improvements

  • Vocational training and employment opportunities for young people

The Rotary Club of Negril's programs are ensuring better futures for the next generation.  60 children from low-income families receive scholarships to attend local schools and in 2013 average attendance rates rose to 88% with some children achieving 100% attendance.

Tutoring of children for their Grade 4 national literacy test has delivered significant improvements to pass rates over the past three years.  An annual literacy and leadership summer camp provides further support to 80 children. Many other children and young people benefit from improved school facilities and vocational training opportunities provided by The Rotary Club.

Our Champion

"I've always been passionate about children having the opportunity to receive an education.  I think it's key to improving lives and reducing poverty.  When I discovered the volunteers who make up the Negril Rotary shared this vision, I wanted to join and support their ongoing efforts in supporting the children of Negril, Jamaica.  Becoming a partner with One World gives the Negril Rotary the ability to connect to a larger community, grow our donor base with like minded people and thereby support more children.  I'm grateful to One World and the unique approach they have created with their championship model."

After various positions in Silicon Valley, California, Lillie Barrows became a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years - running her personal and corporate massage business and later her own art gallery. She always felt the need to give back to the community in various ways, including becoming a One World Champion for KUDO, a Malawi, Africa grassroots charitable organization.

Lillie has been visiting Jamaica almost every year for over 25 years. In 2011 she started spending more time there (currently around 5-6 months per year) and volunteering for charitable organizations, including the Rotary Club of Negril.

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