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What Your Gift Will Do 

Your gift will support children who have been abused or abandoned access shelter, food, and counseling, and love. 

Our Story

The mission of Siyazigabisa Home of Hope is to bring hope to children who have been abused or abandoned by providing them with food, shelter, coaching, counseling, and love. Siyazigabisa Home of Hope is currently renovating, classrooms, study rooms, and the kitchen that feeds more than 100 children per day. Funds are always needed to support the resident children, community members, and staff.

Siyazigabisa Home of Hope opened in 1997 and now caters to 20 permanent residents aged between 2 months and 18 years. Their various programs include skills and literacy program, counseling sessions, women empowerment workshops, and a HIV/Aids support network. Currently, they serve more than 1200 kids weekly who come from various schools in the surrounding areas.

Our Leadership

What really inspired Gab’sile Khoza to establish Siyazigabisa Home of Hope for Children, Youth and Community was to help the victims of violence and abuse. Siyazigabisa Home of Hope is a shelter to orphans, runaways and battered women. Single handed Gab’sile Khoza managed to save many more kids and united many families, she also got education as the counselor. She counsel and empower all those who feels shattered and shamble by all sorts of tribulations and adversaries.

Our Champion

Darren Loche


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