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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support children with education, shelter and love.

Our Story

The St Paul and Rose Home for Children provides shelter, love and care for parentless children, as well as teaching them farming, gardening, sewing and other valuable life skills for their future self-support. Funds raised by the Champion support the St Paul and Rose Home for Children to provide:

  • Shelter:  Over 50 orphans receive shelter, nutritious food, clothing and healthcare, in a supportive and loving environment with an emphasis on tolerance and concern for others.

  • Education:  The children are all enrolled in school and attend every day, with the senior secondary students attending boarding school in order to prepare for A-level exams as appropriate.  Children at the Home learn practical agricultural skills and crafts such as sewing, as well as good citizenship, health, hygiene, and other valuable life skills. 

  • Sustainable food production:  Children and staff eat fruit and vegetables grown in the large garden, with surplus crops sold to the local community to provide income for the home.  The Home is expanding its small-scale animal husbandry and bakery operations to provide food for the community and sustainable funding for the orphanage.

The Home currently provides shelter to 51 children who have lost both parents.In 2010, twenty-six children were living at the home but only some could be sent to school due to lack of funds, another twenty-five children have been added, and all children are now in school. 

Children receive formal education at local schools as well as practical education at St Paul and Rose Home for Children.  They learn tolerance and concern for others and are supported to become good citizens with valuable life skills for their future self-support.  Older children who seek practical employment are supported to find apprenticeships in nearby communities.

St Paul and Rose Home for Children also impacts the whole community, who benefit from access to nutritious food from the garden, solar-powered lighting at night, and weekly church services and community gatherings which all are welcome to attend. 

Our Leadership

The Directors of the Home, Paul and Rose Bogere, were moved to care for children in their community who lost their parents through AIDS and other diseases.  Paul was an orphan himself, while Rose worked with the International Justice Mission, which fights sex trafficking, sexual violence, and other forms of human oppression.

Our Champion

“I met Paul and Rose Bogere and the children in their care when visiting Uganda for the first time, with several other Development in Gardening supporters in 2010.  It was evident that the children were loved and were very happy, and that Paul and Rose valued their well-being and opportunities for education above everything else.  I found myself wanting to help Paul and Rose fund schooling for every child, and make the home as self-sufficient as possible so that more and more children can be cared for there.”

Ann has been supporting St. Paul and Rose Orphans Care Centre since 2011, after visiting  Uganda and witnessing the evident love given to the children, the care with which they are being raised, and the life skills they are receiving by learning to grow high-nutrition foods for themselves and others.

Ann has thirty-five years’ experience in business as a revenue analyst, programmer and budget supervisor.  She recently retired as a business analyst/programmer for BNY Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA.  Ann is also a charter partner of Project Redwood, which is a social-venture philanthropy of the Stanford MBA Class of 1980 that provides grants to organizations working to alleviate poverty.  Working with the St. Paul and Rose Orphans’ Care Centre has given her a truly meaningful way to use her business and grant-writing experience for the benefit of the children at the home.


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