Tinga Tinga School (Tanzania)

Hosted by:One World Children's Fund
Goal: $15,000
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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support education in rural Tanzania. 

Our Story

Before Tinga Tinga Secondary School opened, the nearest secondary school was 50 km away. Tinga Tinga Secondary School takes pupils from a large catchment area and provides them with a quality secondary education. Tinga Tinga Secondary School provides 260 girls and 246 boys with a quality secondary curriculum, including English, civics, geography, mathematics, science, speech & debate.

Our Leadership 

Pantaleo Paresso has a bold vision to focus on the education of girls and to change community attitudes towards the importance of education. A recent school debate pitted boys and girls against each other to argue the question “is it more important to educate girls than boys?” The girls were incredibly articulate and persuasive and won the argument.

Our Champion

"When we returned from our trip to Tanzania, we searched for an ongoing way we could help improve the educational opportunities for students attending Tinga Tinga school, a rural middle school where we worked for a week. The school is dedicated to helping all its students – especially the girls – realize their potential and overcome cultural roadblocks that limit their options. "  Barbara Krause and Tom Mertens


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