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What Your Gift Will Do

Your gift will support social justice and human rights work in East Africa. Akiba Uhaki Foundation is at a critical time and is need of emergency funding in order to continue to support human rights defenders across the region. Your support will ensure that funding reaches the grassroorts. At a time when civil society is closing and direct funding is becoming increasingly difficult, the work of Akiba Uhaki Foundation is more vital and significant than ever before.  

Our Story

Our goal at Akiba Uhaki is to contribute to building a just East African Society through supporting movement building, social justice philanthropy as well as supporting initiatives on rights, access and equity”.

Special attention in this regard is paid to the respect for human rights, upholding of human dignity, ensuring equity and fairness as well as the promotion of environmental sustainability.

The work on social justice focuses on three major sub areas viz.

  • Rights, Equity and Access: Focuses on the promotion of equal access to opportunities, liberties and rights, particularly amongst disadvantaged persons/groups. Initiatives that challenge injustice and promote diversity, mutuality and inclusion are supported.
  • Movement Building and Solidarity Action: Through this sub area, Akiba Uhaki Foundation supports initiatives around mobilizing, empowering and standing with the grassroots – as subjects rather than objects of social justice processes – as a basis for challenging the status quo. This is founded on the belief that the human rights framework can only effectively enhance civic power if it is people driven.
  • Social Justice Philanthropy: Development outcomes are more flexible, holistic and lasting when (local) people invest in their own development. This pillar seeks to leverage local resources as a basis of ensuring sustainability, solidarity, sovereignty and social cohesion.

Our Leadership

Ezra Mbogori, Director

Ezra Mbogori is the Executive Director of Akiba Uhaki Foundation. Prior to this, he was the founding Executive Director of MWENGO – a reflection and development centre for NGOs in eastern and southern Africa, based in Zimbabwe – for 14 years. He also headed up the UNDUGU Society, a Nairobi-based urban poverty focused organization, for over six years. Ezra has previously served in a voluntary capacity on the leadership and/or advisory structures of numerous organizations namely as Founding Chairperson of the Kenya NGO Council (1992-1993); Member of the Commonwealth Foundation NGO Advisory Committee; Board member of the Resource Alliance; Board member of the Montreal International Forum; Board member of the Charities Aid Foundation of South Africa; Board Member of CIVICUS and Vice Chair of the International Board of PLAN International.


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