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Your gift will support education and shelter for children in New Delhi, India

Our Story 

Zakat Foundation of India was established in 1997 as a grassroots level organization by concerned residents of New Delhi.

The Zakat Foundation of India organizes a collection of Zakat, Sadaqaat, Fitra, Imdaad and other charities to be utilized for the welfare of the poor and needy.  It aims to help the poor and needy stand on their own feet, become financially independent and socially empowered.

Immediate priorities for the Zakat Foundation include updating and renovating the new Happy Home Boys orphanage, which recently moved to a new site.  The boys have plenty of space, but the foundation would like to create a permanent dining area for them and other improvements as appropriate.  Also, the downstairs area of the building that is intended to host the major medical facilities is a work in progress. 

There remains an ever-present need to expand funds to meet all the needs of the community, as well as a specific upcoming project to open a new orphanage in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The Zakat Foundation of India offers social services to those who are marginalized and affected by injustices in New Delhi and the state of Uttar Pradesh. Services include microfinance, free clinics, mobile dispensaries, stipends for widows and scholarships for students facing economic hardships, vocational training, relief work, and interfaith work. The foundation also runs the happy home orphanage that shelters, educates and cares for children who were orphaned by the 2002 Gujarat riots and the 2004 tsunami in South India

Our Leadership

Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood

Our Champion

"I am a One World Champion because I continue to be amazed by the One World team. My friends at One World have, over the last several years, positively impacted thousands of children across the globe. Inspiration comes from the company you keep. I am grateful for the privilege to know, and collaborate with, my friends at One World."

Saad is a physician at Harvard Medical School, Boston. He graduated from the Internal Medicine program at Harvard's Massachusetts General Hospital. Prior to coming to Boston, he completed his medical degree, public health degree and undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

As a physician with training in public health, Saad works with Zakat Foundationof India in its response to natural disasters such as the 2014 Kashmir valley floods, and in ZFI's response to 'complex emergencies' such as the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots in India. 

Although he lives in the United States, he coordinates with grassroots community members in the US who support ZFI projects. These projects include airlifting boats and provisions for rescue and relief operations in Kashmir, providing tents, blankets, medical aid to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Muzaffarnagar camps, and supporting ZFI's orphanages and food programs for widows. He is also involved with the Rohingya refugee camp in New Delhi. While on his annual visit to India, he participates in health care provision to indigent individuals, refugees and IDPs.

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