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Our Story

The Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development (ZISD) aims to transform Zambia into a prosperous nation by empowering people through sustainable socio-economic development. Its flagship program is the Breaking the Chains of Poverty in Zambia Scholarship Program, which offers need-based merit scholarships to underprivileged high school students.

The biggest challenge facing Zambian youth today is finding money to meet education needs. Many academically talented children drop out of school due to lack of funds. According to the Ministry of Education, only 17.5% of young people complete grades one through twelve.

The Institute's Breaking the Chains of Poverty in Zambia Scholarship Program is tackling this situation by offering need-based merit scholarships to the most brilliant underprivileged high school students in Zambia. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who exhibit excellent academic credentials, dedication to community service, and exemplary leadership skills.

The Institute is aiming to expand the scholarship program from 49 students to 100 students and needs funds to cover:
Educational costs: The average cost of educating one student is currently $1,444 per year or about $120 a month. This amount covers tuition, boarding, exam fees, books, uniforms, transportation and supplies.

The Institute has achieved tremendous growth by expanding its scholarship program to 49 students at 13 schools across five cities since its launch in 2010. Three graduating classes with 60 students have successfully completed high school with some of the highest scores in the nation.

From enrollment through completion of the program, the Institute's students and alumni continue to be a beacon for success and hope. Martin Kabwe, the first scholarship recipient, was recently honored by the Ministry of Education for demonstrating academic excellence on a national level. In addition, four students graduated with distinctions in all eight subjects and six students have been awarded prestigious scholarships to study in Russia.

The Institute also offers leadership development seminars, internships, social change/media projects and a program in renewable energy. In addition, by collaborating with eminent local and international artists to produce music promoting a positive mindset and ethos, the Institute reaches and gives hope to millions of Zambian youth.

Our Leadership 

Peter Elijah Lungu is the Executive Director of the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development. The Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development is a non-governmental organization dedicated to transforming Zambia into a prosperous nation by empowering Zambians through sustainable socio-economic development. He is a Chartered Accountant that has an extensive background in accountancy/audit totaling 9 years experience in the field i.e. 3 years auditing at PricewaterhouseCoopers, 3 years experience accounting from Population Services International, Zambia and 3 years auditing in the public sector at National Pension Scheme Authority.

Our Champion

Chilu Lungu is a Zambian doctoral graduate in Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has an extensive background in energy and propulsion with 10 years of research and industrial experience at the Georgia Tech Aerospace Combustion Laboratory, Siemens Energy, and Alstom Power. Chiluwata is the co-Founder and Chairman of the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development.


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